Development for this method has been concluded. Large quantities of this method –
including the corresponding scanning technology – have been sold worldwide. The
scanning surface of the standard scanner is approximately 58x58 cm². The quality
of the results is unrivaled.
For this 3D technology, Dr. Wirth Gravursysteme supplies the method, the scanner
and a 3D scan service.
The customer sends us a sample, we perform a test scan and draw up an offer
Further information is available under: Products, 3D scanner 
b. 6to5-Scan: Separate recording of the color and form of a structured
surface, small objects or bulk goods (e.g. leather, coat of arms, Easter
Bunny, coffee...).
In terms of the photographic or scan techniques, the 3 color dimensions (R, G, B)
are recorded alongside the x, y, z coordinates. This method is known as 6to5-Scan.
The color and form signals are recorded and adjusted separately, so that when they
are combined again – either in print or on a screen – an illusion is created so that
the viewer sees the right color and the right form.
The 6th dimension z is incorporated into the color calculation, thus creating
5 dimensions from the original 6. That's where the name 6to5-Scan stems from.