Wirth’s 6to5-Scan is a new, more general, all-round form of photography. In this
context, standard photography is viewed only as a special case. As mentioned
previously, standard photography is optimized for the recognition of colors. When
it comes to the recognition of 3D elements, the results are indirect and poor.
There are, of course, other methods that deliver 3D effects. Unfortunately, these
are either not suited to flat printing and display or can only be viewed using
additional aids.
Can only be viewed using additional aids: Prisms, polarization filter, 3D glasses, angle
of view frozen. The spatial arrangement of the objects can be depicted perfectly, but
no correction is made for the 3D effect of the objects.
Can be viewed without additional aids, different angles, cannot be printed with
standard technology, surprising effects are possible, including a spatial focus, but
produces no 3D effect.