illumination conditions. Now, all the above-mentioned color and form parameters can
be scanned and controlled separately. In this way, 6to5-Scan always creates 3D
scans of the highest image quality without any compromises whatsoever.
The problems mentioned above do not occur
with 6to5-Scan. The shadows are generated on
the computer by darkening a strong image
signal. The excellent signal-to-noise ratio is
The reflections do not pose a problem either.
The 3D scanner is not affected by reflections.
This is because the received light signal is
not used as image content – it is only used
to determine distances. A high level of
brightness does not result in a faulty signal,
it just improves the accuracy of the distance
This new method dispenses with the traditional
problem of depth of focus. Similar to a scanning
electron microscope, the focus remains
constant within the measurement range. In
conventional photography, the focus is a
function of the optical aperture, magnification
Cigarette foil with 4000 l/cm –
even when viewed under a
microscope, the depth of focus
on the hills and in the valleys
remains constant.